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We need your support to help us deal with this difficult time in order to provide mental health care to the poorest of the poor. Please support us by making a contribution.

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MHAT is a Charitable Trust, based in Kozhikode, Kerala, which provides good quality, comprehensive mental health care to the poorest sections of the population with severe mental disorders.

Presently following the lockdown in connection with corona epidemic, we are facing challenges in a range of areas pertaining to resources. One of the critical challenges we’re facing in this connection is that there as been a substantial reduction in the regular contributions we have been receiving from the community.

We intend to keep the clinical services running for the poorest of the poor since many of them have made progress in their situation by sticking to a care plan and to stop it suddenly would be to lose the ground covered after so much effort and commitment from the sides of the patients themselves as well as caregivers, community volunteers, mental health workers, clinicians and doctors.

MHAT has decided to do it best to not let any staff go since they are all already working on a low salary primarily driven by the desire to support poor people.

In this situation, we are reaching out to you. In the coming 6 months, we need about Rs.1 Crore in order to continue to deliver high-quality mental health care to over 2500 poor patients in our care.

Anything you can donate from can go on to add peace to all concerned.

Thank you

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