Our Model

The crux of our model

Provision of free, good quality, comprehensive mental health care to the needy through a network of community clinics.
Local partners and trained volunteers function as effective mental health care coordinators.

The aim

To provide long term treatment for chronic mental disorders through a system of community owned and managed care.

Clinical remission from mental disorders, prevention of relapses and rehabilitation are the main objectives.

The components of this programme are:

Regular (mostly weekly) outpatient psychiatric clinics in the same physical settings where people with physical health problems are seen, using the same systems that exist there.

Initial and follow up assessments are by the MHAT team comprising Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Social Workers.

Each patient is looked after in the community by a trained volunteer care worker who acts as his/her care coordinator.

Once the acute symptoms have subsided, patients receive psychotherapy if appropriate and also enter locally based rehabilitation programmes.

If necessary, care is provided at home including visits by the clinical team.